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Commercial Vehicle Rentals

If you are starting a new business or are relying on commercial vehicle rentals to keep your business on the road, there is an amazing way to rent a vehicle and owe it at the same time. Dry Hire Supply is the premium Rent-To-Buy commercial vehicle finance company with a huge client base and hundreds of success stories.

Dry Hire Supply was founded on the principle that not every business is created equal. Some businesses need a commercial vehicle before they start making money. Others need commercial vehicles to grow beyond their current cash flow and client base.

That’s why in 2012, Jeremy Westell decided to make getting a commercial vehicle easy. He chose to offer the Rent-To-Buy finance model for small and medium business and support the local economy and business owners.

Jeremy and his team have grown from strength to strength by offering this model, making it even easier to continue the growth of his clients’ businesses.

Now he is extending this offer to you and your business. No need to go hundreds of car lots and wholesale yards to find a price that suits what you can afford. Talking to Dry Hire Supply is the best decisions hundreds of business have made with amazing results.

Dry Hire Supply offers hundreds of makes, models and styles of vehicles from Ford to Isuzu, Renault to Toyota. They know there is the right vehicle and repayment plan for you and your business.

Looking for Commercial Vehicle Rentals with a difference?

Commercial Vehicle Rentals

Documentation need to apply today is as follows;

  • Drivers Licence

  • Medicare Card

  • Utilities Bill (Electricity, rates or similar)

  • Credit Score — You can check your credit score at

Don’t let your cash flow and savings control the growth of your on-the-road business. Tradesmen, delivery companies, construction businesses and mining companies have used the Dry Hire Supply’s finance model and have had great success.

Contact Dry Hire Supply today to find out how their friendly staff can help you get on the road to success today.